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The Next Evolution of the Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant Segment

Offering an authentic, street-taco inspired menu, Rusty Taco elevates the experience for both the customer and the owner by bringing the flavor, experience and simplicity of a traditional taco stand to local communities. Designed as a place that feels authentic and approachable, Rusty Taco is a place to come enjoy a meal however the customer wants – on the go, or to linger with friends and family. The menu is high-quality, made-to-order, yet simple to execute and operate, while the service is unpretentious and friendly. Rusty Taco offers competitive unit level economics and investment returns; has simple, manageable operations; in a dining segment that is on-trend, growing and lacks competition; and is backed by the strength and support of Inspire Brands.

Current Incentives


Royalties for the First 12 Months*

36 months

Discounted Royalty**

*For restaurants opening in 2023 the incentive provides 0% royalty for the first 12 months, 2% for months 13-24 and 4% for months 25-36. Get 0% for 6 additional months if you beat your development commitment opening date by at least 3 months. **For opening in 2024–2025: 1% first 12 months, 2% for months 13-24 and 4% in months 25-36. The royalty beyond month 36 is the standard contractual royalty.


Why Rusty Taco

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For a limited time, we are offering significant incentives for new restaurant openings in 2022–2025.

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